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Public Order Offenses FAQ

What Are Public Order Offenses?

Public order offenses refer to criminal acts that alter the good public order and offend not only a particular victim but also the public at large. In Massachusetts, there are many categories of public order offenses, including threats to commit crime, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, carrying a dangerous weapon and possession of fireworks.

What Happens If I Am Found Guilty?

If you are convicted of a public order offense, you may be subjected to significant fines, long-term probation or lengthy jail sentences.

What Should I Do If I Am Being Charged With A Public Order Offense?

Don’t try to fight your case on your own, even if you think the allegations don’t make any sense (which they rarely do). If you or a loved one has been charged with a public order offense, you should contact a criminal defense attorney right away. Call us at 617-208-0505 or email us for a free consultation.