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Don’t Let Federal Criminal Charges Strike Fear In Your Heart

Yes, a federal criminal investigation or federal charges can be frightening. Just remember, though: You were born to be victorious. With a capable advocate and defender on your side, you can find your way forward to a place of hope once again.

At Kelleher & Maceo, P.C., we fight to protect the rights of the accused. With more than 40 combined years of experience in criminal defense, we are prepared to stand between you and the strong arm of the federal government. Let’s work together to discover the path to your most effective defense.

Never assume that you are trapped before exploring every possible way out. Our attorneys are committed to giving you the best chance of a favorable case outcome.

Standing Up For People Charged With A Variety Of Federal Offenses

Our attorneys, Victoria Kelleher and Ambar Maceo-Rossi, are skilled defenders of people who have been charged with federal crimes such as the following:

  • Internet-based crimes with elements affecting people in two or more states
  • Fraud and other white-collar crimes
  • Drug trafficking
  • RICO conspiracies
  • Immigration law violations

Even when a case seems difficult, we often find a way forward for our clients. We can help you negotiate a favorable plea deal and steer clear of mandatory sentencing. Learn about your options before you give up and assume you will have a negative case outcome. When our attorneys are on your side, you can expect an aggressive, creative style of advocacy. Speaking loudly is not the only way to be heard. We know how to ensure that our clients’ federal cases will be handled on an expedited basis.

Choose Your Federal Criminal Defense Law Firm Carefully; Request A Free Consultation

At Kelleher & Maceo, P.C., we are ready to meet you where you are to get started. This may mean communicating with you in another language or adapting our consultation schedule to match your work obligations. Besides English, defense attorney Ambar Macao speaks fluent Spanish, Portuguese and French, allowing for direct communication with many clients. If you speak another language as your first language, we can provide the services of an interpreter as necessary.

From offices in Boston, Massachusetts, the attorneys and staff at Kelleher & Maceo, P.C., are here to serve you throughout the Greater Boston Metro area. Contact us today to arrange a free initial consultation. Call 617-208-0505 or fill out our online contact form. Hablamos Español.