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Criminal Defense Advocacy For Those Who Need It Most

The American criminal justice system is supposed to provide fair and equal treatment to everyone. But it is plain to see that too often, the system perpetuates the inequality in American society. People who are at the bottom have no voice, while those with privilege and money receive the just treatment that all of us were promised.

None of us can fix the system alone, but you should at least have legal representation from an experienced attorney who will listen to you and will be your voice in the criminal justice system. That’s what you can expect when you contact Kelleher & Maceo, P.C. With over 35 combined years of legal experience, our attorneys are committed to fighting for those who need the strongest advocacy.

You were born to be victorious. Let us fight for your cause together.

Representation Against A Wide Variety Of Charges

Our attorneys, Victoria Kelleher and Ambar Maceo-Rossi, are ready to defend you against nearly any criminal charge in state or federal court, including:

Depending on the details of your case, we can build a defense strategy and present you with options to resolve your criminal charges. Victoria and Ambar can help you successfully fight the charges in court, negotiate a favorable plea deal, seek dismissal of the charges or seek alternatives to traditional prosecution and sentencing.

The important thing to know is that you likely have more options than you realize. The best way to learn about those options is to contact our firm and share your story.

What Sets Our Firm Apart

Access to good representation starts with effective communication. In addition to English, Ambar speaks fluent Spanish, Portuguese and French. She can communicate directly in these languages rather than relying on an interpreter.

Additionally, while we will advocate for you at all times, we will also provide you honest feedback about your case and what you’re up against. Even if you don’t like what we have to say, you need and deserve to hear the truth.

Discuss Your Options During A Free Initial Consultation

Kelleher & Maceo, P.C., has offices in Boston, Massachusetts, and serves clients throughout the Greater Boston Metro area. Contact us today to arrange a free initial consultation by calling us 617-208-0505 or filling out our online contact form. Hablamos Español.