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Have Your Civil Rights Been Violated? Get A Fierce Advocate On Your Side.

A strong focus at Kelleher & Maceo, P.C., is the protection of people’s rights. We often find ourselves advocating for disadvantaged and underrepresented populations. Sometimes, standing up for our clients means defending them against criminal charges. At other times, it means bringing civil rights claims against individuals or organizations that have attempted to deny our clients their civil rights, including:

  • Freedom of speech and freedom of the press
  • Freedom from searches without probable cause
  • Freedom to remain silent as the police or other officials seek to interrogate you

Have you been a target of racial injustice or police misconduct? Let us evaluate the facts to determine whether your state or federal civil rights have been violated.

Making Sense Of Things That Seem To Make No Sense

You may be unsure about whether the mistreatment that you experienced from the police or workers at a bank amounted to a violation of your civil rights. Perhaps you were arrested for an alleged crime but the police used illegal search and seizure tactics to reach the point of the arrest. Our experienced lawyers can address both aspects of your case — criminal defense and civil rights violations claims — simultaneously. The two often go hand in hand. In addition to helping you protect your freedom and good name, we may be able to help you bring about justice through a civil rights claim or lawsuit.

You were born to be victorious. Let us fight for your cause together.

Even when the facts are egregious, we do not recommend reporting civil rights violations to government agencies without first getting legal counsel. It is best to explore your case with the help of an experienced attorney to determine your best course of action.

Why Choose Our Firm?

At Kelleher & Maceo, P.C., we have a broad base of experience in multiple areas of the law. We speak several languages, including Spanish. We have a track record of bringing about relief for our clients through civil rights claims, regardless of their age, sex, nationality, native language or immigration status.

The first step toward justice is to come forward and speak up. For you, this may begin with a conversation with one of our attorneys about the injustices that you have recently experienced in connection with a criminal case or under any circumstances. To schedule a free initial consultation, call us at 617-208-0505 or send an email inquiry.